4 Healthy (Yet fun!) Lunchbox Snacks for Kids

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We all enjoy the time our kids spend at school to give us a chance to work, catch up on household errands, and have time for ourselves. But finding a balance between preparing lunchbox snacks your kids will love that are also nutritious can be difficult (dare we even say annoying!).

As Thomas Edison said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Here are 4 snack ideas to make those late-night lunch making sessions a little bit easier. 

  1. Veggie Sticks and Dip– One key to snacks that kids love is being able to eat them easily. Think, something that they can pick up with their hands and eat quickly. Pairing veggie sticks with a dip like hummus or sour cream achieves this and gives them some protein to fuel their brains. 
  2. Yogurt and Fruit– While this works better for older children, it is another crowd-pleaser. Choose individual packs of yogurt like Chobani paired with sliced fruit such as apples or bananas. Or, for more adventurous children, mix the fruit into the yogurt for an all in one sweet treat. Don’t forget an ice pack with this one!
  3. Cheese and Crackers– This gives kids the chance to build their own snack by having the fun of laying the cheese on the cracker. Which type of cheese will go with which cracker? Only they will know. 
  4. Hard Boiled Eggs– Hard boiled eggs are an easy food to eat during those short school snack breaks. They are super healthy and contain a number of vitamins and minerals that help them with brain development as well as keep their eyes healthy. 

Finally, don’t forget to pack a “surprise” note that they can find buried in their box during their day. This will remind them of the hard work that went into preparing that meal and put an extra little smile on their face.

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