About Mackzan, The Smart Market

About Mackzan

We create more time for enjoyable moments by solving the daily problems of families. 

We believe the true power of online shopping is in bringing enjoyable moments to the lives of families.

Transforming grocery shopping

Every week, a few hours of your time goes into grocery shopping. This time could be better spent doing things you love.

With our Smart Marketyou can get this time back! Mackzan makes your grocery-shopping experience stress-free.

You can get your groceries quickly picked-up or delivered at a convenient time convenient for you. It’s just like ordering a pizza. 

Our Smart Market makes grocery shopping fast, affordable and simple!

Be a part of our Smart Community

We are still in the early stages of building our company and our product. But we are excited to build it with you.

 Please sign up here to be part of our VIP List. Hundreds have signed up already, but only the first 1000 will be given VIP status (i.e. access to discounts, 1 month free deliveries for orders worth $35 and above, and specials).

What frustrates you about traditional grocery shopping? Let us know to help us improve our product.

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