Checkout lines are not the only lines


On a Sunday afternoon, your child asks you for homemade pizzas for lunch. You realize that you are missing the parmesan cheese that makes it perfect.        

You drive to the supermarket and spend time searching. But you are unable to find it stocked on the shelves. 

You ask a staff member and they tell you that the product is out of stock. This means that you have to choose a different meal or spend hours running to different supermarkets to find that cheese.  

It sucks when you want to prepare a dish and the key ingredient is out of stock. It’s disappointing, isn’t it? 

We understand how it feels to waste an entire day running around supermarkets. 

But with Mackzan’s smart market, you will be assured that you can make that pizza without the hassles!  

If you are short on a key ingredient, we will ensure that a product is in stock by limiting bulk buying from other customers. 

Not only that, we will notify you if certain products are out of stock and offer substitutes while your order is being fulfilled. 

The whole process is fast, simple, and stress-free! 

In Mackzan’s smart market, shopping means: 

●No more crowded supermarkets      

●No more bulk buying           

●No more dealing with annoying people at supermarkets and stores      

●No more waiting for delivery slots            

●No more wasting time standing in long checkout lines! 

At Mackzan, we believe, the true power of smart market technology is in bringing more enjoyable moments to the lives of families. 

Now it’s time for some parenting tips. 

Seeking attention is human nature and your child needs it too. 

But children need positive attention.  

According to Amy Morin, international bestselling author and psychotherapist,

If children do not receive positive attention from family, they will choose to seek out negative attention.  

This is because negative attention is still attention, and any attention is better than being ignored.   

So, give your child enough attention, and communicate with them.  

Be with your child! (I would link to the source of this and mention who said it/where it came from) 

So that you can give your kids enough attention, the “Mackzan Team” are working very hard to make our smart market shopping fast and simple. 

And we are coming soon to help you create more time for your family. 

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