How we do it

Order products online

Our smart market experience includes features/benefits like:

  • Order in seconds           
  • Fast and various payment options    
  • Pickup in minutes (drive thru experience at some locations)    
  • Delivery within 2 hours or less    
  • Free next day deliveries         
  • Ability to update your order         
  • Quality products & fresh produce     
  • Product availability notifications
  • Personalised experience         
  • Tracking your order at every step
  • Real time tracking of order fulfilment
  • Superior customer assistance by our staff and much more     

But how will we ensure you get these benefits?

Most of the fulfilment tasks in our warehouses are automated for speed using robots and people. So, you can pick up your order within minutes.    

To deliver the product within 2 hours or less, we will operate via multiple smart warehouses.

We’re not a supermarket, we are a smart market, designed to make your life easier.

At Mackzan, all your grocery needs are just a few clicks away. The ordering process is reduced to seconds with features like ‘favourites’, to recommend the products you generally buy. Our technology also reminds you of your previously bought items and lets you update your order with your current shop.          
We use cutting edge technology in our smart markets like AI to improve your shopping experience and create more time to enjoy with your family.

Here’s a stress management tip for you.

You might get stressed out when you have a lot of work to do,

You don’t know where to start, how to do it… and stress makes it more difficult for you to think,

It feels like you are paralyzed and as time passes, it becomes more difficult to start.

You’re in a stress zone!

According to Allan Elkin, this doesn’t happen because you have a lot to do but because you lack clarity on what to do, how to start, how much time will it take, and which task to do first.     

And here’s a simple way to get out of that stress zone.

Just sit down and grab a pen and paper.     

Write down every single task that you have on your mind.

All the stuff that was in your head is now on the paper.

Review the list and remove the unnecessary tasks.
You’ll probably find almost 50% of the things in your head were unnecessary tasks.

Now rearrange them in order of priority beginning with the most important one first.

After this, you’ll feel confident and calm.

Your mind will show you the precise path to tackle your tasks one at a time.

Hope this helps you!

By the way, if you have any ideas of how we can serve you better, please reply to this email and let us know! We are co-creating Mackzan’s smart markets and your contribution is deeply appreciated!

Be a part of our Smart Community

We are still in the early stages of building our company and our product. But we are excited to build it with you.

 Please sign up here to be part of our VIP List. Hundreds have signed up already, but only the first 1000 will be given VIP status (i.e. access to discounts, 1 month free deliveries for orders worth $35 and above, and specials).

What frustrates you about traditional grocery shopping? Let us know to help us improve our product.

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