Traditional grocery shopping experience

Man behind shopping cart in supermarket

The In-store way

You prepare your shopping list at home, and then drive to your local supermarket. You park your car, then enter the supermarket.  You pick a cart and start collecting your groceries.

You face at least one of the following problems in supermarkets. These include:

  • Dealing with the crowd    
  • Navigating in the narrow aisles
  • Searching for your items everywhere
  • Buying unwanted or unhealthy products (at times)

After all this, you stand waiting in the checkout line. This generally takes forever, especially on the weekends! But then its finally over, you complete the checkout and are ready to drive back home.

But suddenly you find that you forgot the strawberry jam that your kids love! So, you go back to try to find it and again spend another eternity waiting at the checkout line!

Alright, you’re done with your shopping now and then you drive back home.

Finally, you are back home! It took you 3 hours to just do your grocery shopping! How are you feeling now? Tired? Exhausted? Restless? Fatigued?

The Online way

You order your groceries online from an existing supermarket, and then you still wait hours or days for your groceries to be picked up or delivered.
How are you feeling now? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

The world is changing.

Today’s consumers want their pick-up or delivery now. Likewise, they want to be surprised and get ongoing value as life-long customers.

That’s why we are building Mackzan, a smart market which simplifies and automates your grocery shopping experience. You can order in seconds, pick-up in minutes and get deliveries within 2 hours. This means you get more time to have enjoyable moments with your family or friends!

Be a part of our Smart Community

We are still in the early stages of building our company and our product. But we are excited to build it with you.

 Please sign up here to be part of our VIP List. Hundreds have signed up already, but only the first 1000 will be given VIP status (i.e. access to discounts, 1 month free deliveries for orders worth $35 and above, and specials).

What frustrates you about traditional grocery shopping? Let us know to help us improve our product.

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