Why Mackzan Exists: Convenient Delivery or Pickup Options

The Mackzan Experience

Frustrated waiting in long checkout lines  at the supermarket? Doesn’t this seem like an eternity in the middle of work, helping kids with homework, making dinner, and seeing friends??

Well, you could escape this by ordering your groceries online.

The Challenge of Traditional Grocery Stores

But wait! Many times, opting for delivery may not give you the slot you prefer. Or, the delivery might  take a few days. This can be even more annoying, especially if you needed those eggs to make dinner. The Mackzan Smart Market is here for you! 

Smart Markets: Multiple Convenient Pickup Options

With The Mackzan Smart Market, you no longer need to wait to get your groceries delivered or picked up. You can pick up your groceries within minutes or get them delivered on-demand with many available slots to choose from.

And this is just one of the many reasons why The Mackzan Smart Market exists. In Part-2 of the “Why Mackzan Exists” blog series, we will highlight another reason for building Mackzan.

Be a part of our Smart Community

We are still in the early stages of building our company and our product. But we are excited to build it with you.

 Please sign up here to be part of our VIP List. Hundreds have signed up already, but only the first 1000 will be given VIP status (i.e. access to discounts, 1 month free deliveries for orders worth $35 and above, and specials).

What frustrates you about traditional grocery shopping? Let us know to help us improve our product.

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